Avaya 9650

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Avaya 9650  IP Business Phone

Avaya IP Office

A member of the Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition family, the 9650 IP Telephone is specifically designed for the "navigator" telephone user. Navigators, such as building receptionists and executive admin staff, manage calls for themselves and for groups of people as a big part of their jobs. The 9650 features built-in button module functionality with one-touch access to bridged appearances, speed dials and feature keys. When used with Avaya Communication Manager 4.0, the 9650 supports up to three SBM 24-button expansion modules.

What's New With This ReleaseThe 9650 is designed for the Navigator user, someone who primarily speaks on the phone for the majority of each day. Building receptionists and executive admin staff are examples of Navigator users. These people answer incoming calls, transfer callers to other extensions and monitor several bridged appearances throughout the day. The 9650 has a features button expansion module function­ality built right into the phone. The 9650’s user interface has been enhanced to empha­size one-touch access to appearances and feature keys.

Business Benefits

 Productivity of Users - The productivity of end users is greatly enhanced through prompting for common telephony tasks, one-touch access to key features, and superior high fidelity audio.

 Richer Communication - The superior audio capabilities make conference calls and meetings more effective by requiring less reiteration. This has been found to reduce employee stress and fatigue.

 Investment Protection - Utilizing open standards, with a modular platform that supports a wide range of modules and adapters, further enhances user productivity.


 Intuitive User Interface

 New Design and Display

 Superior Audio Quality

 New Design and Display



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