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open imagesI have certain special requirements. Who can I communicate these to?
open images I have questions about the pre-programming spreadsheet. Who can I ask?
open images Where can we get our network information?
open images We currently have music on hold (MOH). Can we keep that?
open images We don’t have extension numbers right now, what do we do?


open imagesHow long does a cutover take?
open imagesWhat is involved in the cutover?
open imagesWhat can be done ahead to make the cutover easier?
open imagesDuring the install, will our current system be down?


open imagesWhat should I expect the first day with my new system?
open imagesWhat if I want changes after the install? Who do I contact if we need help after the install?


open imagesWhen do my staff get trained and how does this work? Do we get trained on the new phones?
open imagesWhen do I get training for how to make changes on the system?


open imagesIf my numbers are being ported from one carrier to another, when does that happen?
open imagesHow long does it take? What’s involved?
open imagesHow/When do I cancel the phone numbers that I am NOT porting to my PRI or SIP service?


open imagesCan I keep my old voicemail messages?


open imagesDo I have to re-record my auto attendant?
open imagesCan I have the recordings done by a professional company, and imported later?