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Digitcom Service Contract Benefits

Service Contract Benefits


Service Contract Benefits

Your telephone system is one of the most important mission critical pieces of technolgy in your organization. A strong relationship with Digitcom will provide your organization with ultimate piece of mind.

Benefits of a Digitcom Service Contract

  • 2 hour response time for all system emergencies
    Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Digitcom will respond within 2 hours.
  • Labour charges for repairing equipment - included
    Not only will we replace the equipment, we'll also include the labour to get your system up and running
  • Repair of all hardware covered by the service contract - included
    And that doesn't cost your company anything. If it breaks, we'll replace it
  • Ogoing training seminars in our office
    Attend as many as you want! We hold them frequently in our boardroom
  • Emergency after hours support
    Digitcom will answer your call with our automated attendant. The menu will say "for emergency support dial 911". The system will dispatch and dial out to an on call technician who will call you back ASAP

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