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Xima Server Specs

Chronicall System Requirements

The server where Chronicall is installed must meet the minimum requirements below:

Chronicall System Requirements

Module Specific Requirements

Standard & Custom Reports

If the site will be logging 5000+ calls daily, you will benefit from using the Recommended Requirements. Chronicall's reporting engine caches data into memory and will perform better with more RAM.

Realtime & Dashboards

If the site will be monitoring 20+ Realtime Agents, you will benefit from using the Recommended Requirements.

Recording Library

The Recording Library uses approximately 100KB per minute of recording for storage. Below is a chart that shows how long it would take to fill up a Hard Drive with the specified Storage. These values assume that each agent is recorded for a full 8 hours every day.


1 Agent

5 Agents

10 Agents

25 Agents

50 Agents

32 GB

700 Days

140 Days

70 Days

28 Days

14 Days

250 GB

5,461 Days

1092 Days

546 Days

218 Days

109 Days

500 GB

10,922 Days

2,185 Days

1,092 Days

437 Days

218 Days

1000 GB

21,845 Days

4,370 Days

2,185 Days

875 Days

437 Days

Recording Library with VRTX

Xima recommends that the VRTX be placed on a physical machine with the Recommended Specifications. If a virtual instance is required, the VM must have dedicated resources and the USB device(s) must be mapped properly.

Please note that Xima Support cannot assist in mapping USBs or setting up virtual instances. If a VRTX is put in a virtual environment, Xima may request it be placed on a physical machine.

PBX Specific Requirements

IP Office Considerations:

Chronicall for Avaya IP Office requires one or more of the following phone system models:

The IP Office must be using software release R3.2 or higher. R4.2 or higher is required to use Realtime features.

Voicemail Pro is required for the Recording Library module.

On IP Office version 9.1 the TFTP Directory Read option must be enabled for Chronicall to start logging Data from the IP Office

Chronicall should not be installed on the same PC / Server as IP Office Server Edition or the Application Server.

ShoreTel Considerations:

Chronicall for ShoreTel requires ShoreTel 10.3 or higher. Chronicall for ShoreTel must be installed on a TAPI Application Server (DVS server) or HQ server.

Avaya Communication Considerations:

Chronicall requires CM Server R5.0 or newer

AES Server (optional)
In order to enable Chronicall as a 3rd party program to connect and log call events with Avaya Communication Manager (CM), an Avaya AES Server is required whether your source the AES Server directly from your Avaya Business Partner or build your own server with AES software loaded onto it. If you have additional CM servers that are added as gateways, then you only need one AES server and one Chronicall logging license. If you have additional CM servers that are programmed as standalone, then you will need an AES server and Chronicall logging license for each.

Minimum Requirements are based on the Standard Chronicall Licensing Package. The base licenses are just Chronicall and Standard Reports. Additional license modules such as Recording Library and Realtime are best suited to run using our Recommended System Requirements.



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