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Avaya Voip Phones and Vlans: Things to Consider

When installing a VOIP phone system you are faced with a couple common scenarios, you can either have the VOIP phones on their own network, completely separate from your data network or you can combine the two networks, sharing infrastructure cabling and switches.

Both scenarios work perfectly fine, but there are major differences in set up, configuration and cost. In this document we will point out some of the major differences and what to expect with each scenario.

Scenario 1 - Separate Network for Data and Voice



Scenario 2 - Shared Network with Data and Voice on the same network



Separate Physical Network for Phones and Computers

This requires separate jacks for phones and computers at the workstations and a separate switch for phones and computers. A separate internet connection is also recommended in this scenario.

Avaya Image

Shared Network

One jack at the workstation, phone plugs into jack, computer plugs into phone.

A Vlan should be programmed into the switch to "virtually" separate the voice and data traffic on the network. Internet connection is shared with router handling the QOS.

Avaya Image 2



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