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Administrator's guide to changing and saving a configuration in Avaya IP Office

Description:Covers downloading and saving a changed configuration to Avaya IP Office.

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Step by Step Guide

To modify configuration in Avaya IP office:

  1. First open IP Office by click on Start -> All programs -> IP Office -> Manager. When the manager application opens, it automatically looks around your network for available IP offices. Select the IP office you wish to change and then click “Ok”. The default username and password for IP office is “Administrator” and “Administrator”. If the secure communication warning comes up, click “Ok”.
  2. The preference is to have all 3 panes open. So open the tool bar if you don’t have all 3 panes open, click on the “show group pane” icon.
  3. Make the modifications you wish to make to manager.
  4. Click “Ok” in any sub-window that open and then click on the floppy disk “Save” icon to save changes.
  5. When ask “Configuration Reboot Mode”, you should notice that “Merge” is selected, click on”Ok”. Service username is “Administrator”, and that’s also the password. Feel free to copy and paste it, and click “Ok”. Your modification is now been made.