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Change name on your extension with your Nortel phone

Description:This video covers how to change the display name associated with your extension

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Step by Step Guide

This video covers how to change your name on your extension.

  1. Choose one of the bigger phones in your office, enter your password by first press "FEATURE" then enter **266344 which is the default access code.
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  3. When asked to enter password, enter 266344, On the screen it should show "TERMINALS&SET".
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  5. Press the top button on the right side. "SHOW SET" will show up on the screen
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  7. Enter the extension you would like to edit, for example 221.
  8. In our example, the name on the phone is currently “Tony”. We want to change that to “Jim”. First press the top right button, the screen will show LINCE ACCESS.
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  10. Now press the bottom right button, CAPABILITIES will show up on the screen, and you need to keep pressing the same button, until the screen shows "NAME".
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  12. Press "CHANGE", enter the name you want with a dial pad. For example, for JIM, “J” would be number 5. Then move one space to the right by pressing arrow pointed to the right. Then letter “I” would be number 4. And you keep pressing the number 4, untill you see “I” appear on your screen. Then again, press the arrow to the right. And the “M”, number 6, and keep pressing untill you see the letter "M".
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  14. After you entered the name, save the change by press the lower right button again on the phone.
  15. Press the "release" button to end editing.
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