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How to Record Personal Mailbox Greeting on your Norstar Phone System

Description:The video covers how to record your personal mailbox greeting on Norstar Phone system.

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Step by Step Guide

To change and record personal mailbox greeting on Norstar phone:

  1. First step is to press 'Feature' button and then keys 9-8-1, which is the access code for your mailbox.
  2. The system will then ask for the password, enter the password.
  3. Press 'Admin', 'Greeting', 'Record', and then you will press 'Primary'.
  4. The system will then asks you, "Do you want to record?" say, 'Yes'.
  5. Once you hear the tone, you will record your greeting.
  6. Press 'OK'. Press 'Play' if you want to hear your greeting or 'OK' to end it.
  7. This is how you can record your mailbox greeting.