Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral enables simple communications for your business

Avaya Cloud Office ™ by RingCentral® is a new all-in-one solution that delivers seamless collaboration across multiple channels to empower your team to work effectively from wherever they are.

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Avaya Cloud Office on Mobile Phone
A Cloud Phone System

That works where and how you do


Even with tons of ways to connect, sometimes there’s nothing as effective as picking up the phone.

Chat and SMS

Get in touch on the fly via private or group chats and direct-to-phone SMS capabilities.


Seamlessly transition a voice or text conversation to a full-suite virtual meeting room with complete video and collaboration tools built right in.


Easy-to-use reporting lets you see how effectively your communications are working for your business.

App Integration

With over 100 ready-to-use business integrations out of the box, and more always coming, you’ll have all the tools you need.

You rely on a variety of different tools to get your work done every day: desktop apps, workflow automation, and customer relationship management from such vendors as Google, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. With Avaya Cloud Office, you can integrate those apps with your communications, creating a seamless experience that eliminates the need to switch between applications. Simple, intuitive and fast. It lets you get more done!

Simplify your communications so you can focus on your business

There has never been a more important time for communication and collaboration solutions that enable people to work remotely – and we are laser-focused on delivering innovation to help organizations do just that. Avaya Cloud Office™ by RingCentral® is a new all-in-one solution that delivers seamless collaboration across multiple channels to empower your team to work effectively from wherever they are, on any device — and it is now available for organizations like yours to put to work today.

How Teamwork Should Be

Streamline each of your disparate communications tools into one simple, cost-efficient system

Reach each other on the first try

Organizations using unified communications clients saved an average of 32 minutes daily per employee because presence technology enabled staff to reach one another on the first try.

More efficient message management

Organizations using unified messaging reported that employees saved 43 minutes per day from more efficient message management while mobile workers saved 55 minutes per day.

Make your newly remote workers even more effective

Mobile workers also saved 40 minutes each day, enjoyed greater business communications convenience, and generated annual productivity gains of 3.5 days per year through business continuity impact.

Be More Profitable

For a company with 100 employees or more, unified communications can save nearly 50,000 hours a year and $920,000 in productivity gains and operational efficiencies.
Research Source

Keep It Simple and Reduce your Costs

Driving revenue, delighting your customers, ensuring your people
are productive. Keeping all the plates spinning is challenging enough
without the headaches of poor communications. Avaya Cloud Office
can fundamentally enhance the way your business communicates with customers, partners and across your organization by simplifying the way you call, chat, meet and collaborate.

  • Voice is no longer the only way—chat/Instant Messaging (IM), often begins an interaction that may escalate into an audio, video, or content sharing session.
  • With Avaya Cloud Office, there’s no need to pay for separate meeting services – enjoy unlimited audio and video conferencing up to 500 participants (video) or 1,000 (audio).
  • Does your team often engage clients through SMS? With Avaya Cloud Office, you get the same experience you’re used to, but all from within your Avaya solution.
  • With Avaya Cloud Office, one number does it all – voice, FAX, SMS and MMS all come to your single number – easy to manage, and control.
  • Avaya Cloud Office comes complete with an up-to-the hour advanced call management system and analytics. Use the built-in reports or create your own dashboards with over 30 KPIs.
  • With Avaya Cloud Office, you’ll go beyond voice communications to a world where multi-media collaboration brings unprecedented productivity to your users and unprecedented responsiveness to your customers.

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