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Keep up to date with all the latest Avaya IP Office releases by Digitcom, Canada`s Avaya SME Business Partner of the Year.

Avaya IP Office 500 UCM, C110 Module for Voice Mail Pro

Unified Communications Module:

This module is supported for IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack and higher. The module is an embedded server

that allows Linux based IP Office applications to be run within the IP Office control unit rather than requiring a separate PC.

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Avaya IP Office Release 8.1. Capacity to 1,000 end points, Server Edition being introduced.

Avaya IP Office Release 8.1 sees its release in late July of 2012 and improves on the hardware architecture significantly. The core cabinet, IP Office 500v2, is still in play, but primary call processing can actually be moved to a Linux server this time out. The server holds all of the programming and administration of all other Linux servers and IP Office 500 cabinets in the network. [click to continue…]

*IP Office Release 8.1 FAQ Document

With the recent release of Avaya IP Office Release 8 we (Digticom) have had many questions about the new modules, software, updates, mobility, and general new features. Below you will find a list of questions and answers which should help.

Avaya IP Office 8 is a powerful solution for many small, medium and enterprise sized businesses.

Avaya IP Office 8 introduces a suite of features and enhancements that illustrate just how far IP Office has come over the last years.At the core of IP Office 8 is the integration of the Nortel Norstar MICS line and the BCM product portfolio, streamlining the brand for a more complete product experience. [click to continue…]

Avaya IP Office Release 7, “It’s a major convergence release between the Nortel and the Avaya portfolio in the small and medium business space,”

Avaya IP Office Release 7 comes to life with the incorporation of support for a number of new phone units and IP sets, with more support for features than any previous incarnations. Often cited as the beginning of a new path for Avaya, IP Office Release 7 is a dynamic suite that allows office and enterprise suits to run with stunning fluidity and efficiency. [click to continue…]

Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 supports centralized / decentralized Voice Mail Pro resiliency.
Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 draws in support for IP Office cabinet failover and provides support for voicemail failover, closing up some gaps and completing what really is a compelling suite in the IP Office line of releases. [click to continue…]

Avaya IP Office Release 6: Avaya released IP Office in 2002 as its flagship communications solution for the small and medium enterprise (SME) market.

Avaya IP Office Release 6is the first Avaya SMB product since the Nortel-integrated SMB product line. It is, for all intents and purposes, the culmination of several products from Nortel’s popular line to the Norstar. [click to continue…]

Avaya IP Office, Release 5: Some Amazing New Features.

Avaya’s IP Office Release 5 brings the IP Office system into the enterprise space and allows for more versatility in communications than ever imagined thanks to features like IP Office redundancy.

IP Office redundancy is essentially a way to have primary IP phones from one set-up roll over to an alternate set-up without missing a beat – in either WAN or LAN networks. This is especially ideal for those companies with offices in multiple areas, as different offices can actually provide back-up for other ip phone systems using IP Office Release 5.

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Mobile Twinning on Avaya IP

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Avaya IP 9600 Series Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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