Avaya 1616 IP set

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Avaya 1616 IP Set

Avaya IP Office

Ip Phone:

The 1600 Series IP Telephones – one-X Deskphone Value Edition is a family of cost-effective IP Telephones that deliver familiar features at an attractive price point for customers with basic communications needs. The family includes a portfolio of phones designed to meet a range of end-user needs. Designed as a stand-alone portfolio, these telephones may be intermixed with other Avaya IP telephones, especially the Avaya one-X Deskphones (9600 series).

Combining the features of traditional telephones and the latest in telephone user experience, 1600 Series IP Telephones – one-X Deskphone Value Edition telephones provide critical capabilities not often found in competitively priced models.
The 1600 Series IP Telephones – one-X Deskphone Value Edition are cost-effective IP Telephones designed to support three user profiles: Walkup, Everyday and Navigator.

• Walkup users use phones in locations such as common areas in offices, stockrooms, lobbies, or drop-in desks. Users are building visitors, employees, or even customers who need a phone with a simple, familiar interface.
• Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication, including voice and email. While Everyday users require a quality telephone, they rarely receive more than five or six calls per day. Cubicle workers, and sales staff within a retail store, are examples of Everyday users.
• Navigator Users (Branch receptionists and admins) are people who answer incoming calls, transfer customers to different departments or extensions, and monitor several line appearances throughout a typical day.
• Designed for the Navigator user profile and managers needing one-touch access and a large display. • Supports 16 line appearances/feature keys on the phone itself and includes a 32-button expansion model, which provides access to a total of 48 feature keys or speed dial buttons.
• Support for a broad portfolio of Avaya wired and wireless headsets through its integrated headset jack.
• A context-sensitive user interface and three softkeys and a four-way navigation cluster for scrolling through local contacts list or call logs.
• The display on the 1616 has an adjustable viewing angle and measures four lines by 24 characters.
• Additional caller related information is displayed with active appearances for easier call handling