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Avaya Office Worker

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Avaya Office Worker

Avaya IP Office



Associates who are always working in the main office require a unique set of communications tools to ensure they can be as productive as possible at all times. The web browser-based Office Worker solution for IP Office is a single, intuitive PC interface that puts powerful communications tools at your fingertips

Get things done quickly and efficiently – make decisions, answer questions, convey critical and timely information – without leaving your desk. Send and receive instant messages. Manage audio conferences with the click of a button. Check status of co-workers right on your PC screen (see who’s “on the phone”, “away”, on “do not disturb”, etc.). Click to speed dial. Access all your messages – voice, fax, email – from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Office Worker helps employees work faster and smarter. That can translate into greater productivity and efficiency and better customer interactions.



Control calls from your PC

With just a click, you can access dozens of speed dial entries, transfer calls and conference in colleagues. It’s simple, fast, and an extremely efficient way to manage high call volumes.

Efficiently manage all messages

With its built-in unified messaging, Office Worker allows you to handle all your messages from one place on your PC. See voice mail messages alongside emails and faxes and respond to the high priority ones first.

Manage audio conferences

Simplify how you create, access, and manage audio conferences so employees make better
use of this productivity enhancing tool.
IP Office’s built-in conferencing bridge can provide significant cost savings, too.

Presence and instant messaging

Always know the status of co-workers by “seeing” what they’re doing right on your PC screen. Send instant messages to associates to improve response times and speed decision-making.



Improved productivity – Stay connected, responsive and productive; quickly and easily share ideas, provide direction and deliver on commitments.

Increased responsiveness – Being accessible and responsive to customers and colleagues is always critical; with Office Worker, employees have the tools to quickly reach and be reached.

Low cost deployment – With its web browser based application interface, Office Worker is quickly and easily deployed to users throughout the office; its intuitive interface can be quickly mastered.