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Avaya’s IP Office Release 5 

Avaya’s IP Office Release 5 brings the IP Office system into the enterprise space and allows for more versatility in communications than ever imagined thanks to features like IP Office redundancy.

IP Office redundancy is essentially a way to have primary IP phones from one set-up roll over to an alternate set-up without missing a beat – in either WAN or LAN networks. This is especially ideal for those companies with offices in multiple areas, as different offices can actually provide back-up for other phone systems using IP Office Release 5.

With such an inclusive piece of calling insurance, IP Office Release 5 is the most efficient and secure system for office phone systems and enterprise apparatuses.

Other features included with Office Release 5 are:

  • Increased extension capacity from 272 to 384
  • Improved call centre support that includes 150 agents
  • SIP station support and SIP trunk support (requires license)
  • Increased conference bridge capacity to 128
  • Exchange 2007 support
  • Better syncing with handheld devices
  • Web-based Custom Call Reporter


The system has been called a Communications Server by Avaya and provides a comprehensive set of components for offices and enterprise systems. Support for Phone Manager is still incorporated, but licenses are required for particular modules.