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Avaya IP Office Release 6.1

Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 draws in support for IP Office cabinet failover and provides support for voicemail failover, closing up some gaps and completing what really is a compelling suite in the IP Office line of releases.

Office Release 6.1 includes features such as:

  •  Mobile twinning
  •  Voicemail Pro
  •  Use of the backup server
  • More comprehensive voicemail control
  • Call switching

Avaya’s centralized Voicemail Pro makes use of a single server to deliver voicemail service for all IP Office units in a small community network (SCN). With Office Release 6.1, control of the voicemail server can be taken over by another IP Office in the event that the central unit becomes unavailable. Licenses for Voicemail Pro are required.

The central IP Office hosting the voicemail server can be configured with the IP address of a backup voicemail server. During normal operation, call flows and other settings on the backup server are kept synchronized with those of the primary voicemail server. If the primary voicemail server becomes unavailable to the network, voicemail services are provided by the backup voicemail server.

The voicemail server still stores messages and recordings, of course, and storage will only be kicked over to other units in the unlikely event that the central server is temporarily unavailable.

Also included with Office Release 6.1 is mobile twinning. Support for this, also known as Extension-to-Cellular or One X Mobile, creates a comprehensive office-to-mobile system that means you’ll never escape your office phone. By “twinning” your desktop set-up to your mobile unit, you can answer your call either on the desktop phone or the cell phone. Calls can subsequently be transferred to other phones in the office with the simple press of a button.