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Avaya IP Office Release 6

 Avaya IP Office Release 6 is the first Avaya SMB product since the Nortel-integrated SMB product line. It is, for all intents and purposes, the culmination of several products from Nortel’s popular line to the Norstar.

With IP Office Release 6, the former Partner cabinet has been phased out and replaced with combinations of software and hardware. These enhancements help streamline IP Office Release 6 to cover all the bases.

Included with Office Release 6 is:

  • Support for the 9600 series of IP sets, phones previously only available on Avaya’s Communication Manager
  • Support for 1400 series digital sets
  • Video conferencing through the SoftPhone client
  • New Partner ETR card that features six partner phones, four analog trunks and power fail through IP Office Version 2
  • Small community network support for up to 1,000 users
  • Enhancements to resiliency function, including voicemail
  • IP Office 500v2 chassis
  • Combination cards with support for digital phones


IP Office systems from IP Office 500v1 and IP Office 500v2 to IP Office 206v2 and IP Office 412 can be upgraded to IP Office Release 6. A number of 9600 phones are also supported on Release 6, including the 9260L and the 9650C. For a comprehensive list of supported phone units, please contact us.

As highlighted above, the introduction of video conferencing really punches up Office Release 6. Avaya’s SoftPhone brings video through a new video client, kicking off subsequent releases that will add video to desktop units.