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Avaya IP Office Release 7

Avaya IP Office Release 7 comes to life with the incorporation of support for a number of new phone units and IP sets, with more support for features than any previous incarnations. Often cited as the beginning of a new path for Avaya, IP Office Release 7 is a dynamic suite that allows office and enterprise suits to run with stunning fluidity and efficiency.

Avaya IP Office Release 7 has support for a large variety of phone sets:

  •  Nortel M7000
  •  Nortel M7100
  •  Nortel M7208
  •  Nortel M7310
  •  Nortel M7324
  •  Nortel T7100
  •  Nortel T7208
  •  Nortel T7316e
  •  Nortel T7420


Also on the agenda is support for IP sets as follows:

  • 1220
  • 1230
  • 1120e
  • 1140e


The above phones now have support for call park, pick-up, voicemail, paging, support for busy signals, message waiting, call logs, and DND.

There is also new hardware to help streamline support of the aforementioned sets, like a new embed eight port TCM module and other external modules (DS15A, DS30A) that only have support on IP Office 500v2. The above modules only function on Nortel phones, but support for Avaya 5400 and Avaya 1400 will arrive at a later date.

Also included is a data migration tool to aid in migration from BCM units to IP Office units. This allows for easing porting of phone extensions, user names, greetings, voicemail, spoken names, dial plans, and locales. The data migration tool currently functions with BCM 3.5, BCM 6.0, and Nortel’s BCM 450 releases.