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Avaya IP Office Release 8

Avaya IP Office 8 introduces a suite of features and enhancements that illustrate just how far IP Office has come over the last years.

At the core of IP Office 8 is the integration of the Nortel Norstar MICS line and the BCM product portfolio, streamlining the brand for a more complete product experience.

Of special interest here is the continuation of the One-X portal. This includes:Integrated presence

  •  Instant messaging
  •  Visual voicemail
  •  Conferencing on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices

IP Office 8 has evolved from earlier releases of Avaya’s suite, adding a number of cool features that really complete the set and make this an enterprise-ready product. Among the features are:Enhanced One-X portal with Google calendar and an iGoogle-style widget

  • Salesforce.com plugin
  • Updated and upgraded Microsoft Outlook plugin with upgraded status updates
  • Browser-based administration with support on the Basic Edition
  • Embedded voicemail without need for a separate server

The mobility features are sublime, with significant improvements made over previous incarnations to help users integrate their office functions with their mobile devices. This on-the-go offering is fantastic for those “road warriors” looking to keep in touch with the office at all times.