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IP Office Release 8.1 FAQ Document

With the recent release of Avaya IP Office Release 8 we (Digticom) have had many questions about the new modules, software, updates, mobility, and general new features. Below you will find a list of questions and answers which should help.

What is Server Edition?

Server Edition allows IP Office software to be run on a Linux based PC server

2 ports of VoiceMail PRO is included with Server Edition

How many users can Server Edition support?

1000 users in total.

Any combination up to 1000 of IP, Digital, analog across 32 locations with a mix of Linux servers and IP Office 500v2

What is the Primary and Secondary server?

 At least one primary server is required for ‘server edition’ – whether stand alone, or in a multi-site network.

The optional Secondary server is used for capacity and/or resilience

Will the digital and analog phones work if the IP Office fails?

No – only IP Phones will re-register

How do the IP Phones re-register once the failed server or gateway is restored?

Failback is under IT administrative control.

Does it run in a virtualized environment?

Not currently, this is slated for a future release

Can I support 1000 all IP Phone users?


Can I support 1000 digital/analog phones?

Yes – with server edition, any mix of phones can be supported (all IP Phones with Linux servers and digital, analog or IP Phones with the IP Office 500v2)

How many voice mail ports are supported?

Voicemail Pro has been expanded to support 100 voice ports

How many one-X portal users are supported?

200 one-X Portal Power Users can be supported on the primary server

500 one-X Portal users can be supported on an optional dedicated one-X Portal applications server.

How do you support Digital phones, T1/PRI, analog phones etc?

 Exactly the same as we do today. The IP Office 500v2 (only) becomes the gateway

What is required for the IP Office 500v2 to act as a gateway?    A Server Edition license is required on each node (Linux Server and IP Office 500 V2)

Do I need the multi-site license?

No, once server edition is deployed, multi-site licensing is not required

Can I support Nortel phones?

Yes – It is no different than today – the IP Office 500v2 acts as the gateway, so the TCM 8 and DS30A and DS16A modules are supported

How is Server Edition Managed?

Using a combination of the new web-based GUI and existing management interfaces.

IP Office multi-locations are all managed centrally with a common view of: Users Hunt Groups, Short Codes, Incoming Call Routes, Directory, Time Profiles, Account Codes and User Rights

What changes in licensing for R8.1?

Server Edition manages commonly used licenses centrally, i.e licensing for user solutions is all managed from the primary server. Licenses needed with specific hardware modules reside locally on the individual P Office 500 v2.

What’s involved in upgrading from R8.0 to R8.1?

 Server Edition is a new license, and will simply upgrade the IP Office 500v2. However, this first release of Server Edition is targeted at new locations. Upgrades for existing IP Office 500 V2 require reprogramming to bring them into the Server Edition multisite solution

What user solutions are supported on Server Edition?

Receptionist, Office Worker and Power User

Is Advanced Edition supported?

Server Edition does not support Advanced Edition. Contact Center solutions need to be handled via DevConnect – details are in the 8.1 Product Update

If Advanced Edition is not supported, how do I provide Call Center functionality?

CTI-Link and TAPI is available on Server Edition. We have several DevConnect partners who can provide Call Center functionality

Can I re-use the User licenses I have on the IP Office 500v2 in my network when I convert to Server Edition?

Existing licenses will need to be handled via commercial offers (SBR for now).

I have 8 Preferred Edition ports on my IP Office 500v2 – Can I re-use those?

 Existing licenses will need to be handled via commercial offers (SBR for now).

Can I support more than 4 receptionists now?

Yes, up to 10 are now supported

Are SIP trunks supported?

Yes. Up to 250 SIP trunks per server and up to 125 SIP trunks per Expansion System

What other hardware is needed if I have all IP Phones and all SIP trunks?

None! Just the PoE switches to support the phones, Server Edition supports SIP trunks natively

How many locations can I have with Server Edition?

32 total – with 1000 users


Which phones are supported?

Please refer to the 8.1 Product Update for the complete list