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Avaya Analog Combo Card V2

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This card provides 6 digital station ports (1-6), 2 analog extension ports (7-8) and 4 analog trunk ports (9-12). The card also includes 10 VCM channels.

  • This card has a pre-installed IP500 analog trunk daughter card.
  • Maximum: 2 combination cards per IP500 V2 control unit. Not supported by IP500 control units .
  • The analog phone ports do not include a ringing capacitor. Where this is a requirement, connection should be via a Master socket containing ringing capacitors.
  • It provides a single power-fail port (either port 7 or port 8).
  • The new Combination Card ATM v2 enhances impendence matching to trunk characteristics, improves echo reduction, improves reduction of occational noise
  • Compatibility: This card is supported only on IP Office 500 v2 with R8.1 Feature Pack 1+