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Avaya IP Dect 3711

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Avaya IP DECT Phones

VOIP Complient Phone System

3701 IP DECT Handset

IP DECT mobile devices deliver high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or campus. They offer all the benefits of the DECT standard, including high security, scalability, low power consumption, and long talk/standby times.

Consisting of lightweight wireless handsets (portable parts) and associated radio base stations (radio fixed parts), Avaya IP DECT solutions use tried and true standards-based technology that scales to support a large number of users. Avaya IP DECT solutions are particularly useful for those needing high-quality wireless voice communications while keeping voice and data on separate enterprise wireless networks.

The IP DECT portfolio also offers the 3711 and 3701 handsets. The 3711 includes a large display, easy-to-use menus, corporate directory integration and WAP browsing. The entry-level

Business Benefits

  • Protection from eavesdropping and unauthorized network access
  • Reliable wireless voice communications despite heavy wireless LAN or other radio traffic
  • High densities of wireless voice users can be supported
  • Low cost of installation and implementation



  • Built on proven DECT standards
  • Seamless Handover
  • Dedicated Frequency Range
  • PARK and IPEI support
  • DECT Encryption