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Avaya IP Office Conferencing Center

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Avaya IP Office Conferencing Centre

Avaya IP Office 

Introduction to IP Office Conferencing Center

The integrated conferencing functionality on IP Office is enhanced by adding Centre. This optional licensed application is a web-based software package that consists in two parts:

  • a “Conferencing Center Scheduler” to book and reserve conferences.
  • a ” Conferencing Center web client” to complement an audio conference with a visual presentation web

The scheduler is independent of the web client, either or both can be used. Conferencing Center also interacts with
SoftConsole and Phone Manager.

Note: Conferencing Centre on the IP Office 500 requires a license for IP Office Professional Edition.

Conferencing Center Scheduler

The Web Scheduler allows registered users to create and book conferences online using a web client interface. The
Scheduler offers secure conferencing while being very easy to set up. Users simply enter the date, time, duration
and the number of conference participants required. The conference is created, if the resources are available for
that specific time. Once reserved, the conference resources are allocated to that conference call for the specified
number of participants at the selected date and time. Additionally Music On Hold (if available on the system) can
be played to callers while waiting for the conference to start.
Access to the Web Scheduler requires a user to be granted a user logon and password by the administrator and
have Internet Explorer (6.0 or above) installed on their PC. No other software is required. The System Administrator can set up an unlimited number of registered users on the Conferencing Center application. Once registered, users can review the system resources before booking a new conference, book a conference as well as list pending conferences they have previously set up.