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Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker

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Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker

Business Phone Systems



For staff who are often out of the office, but don’t require a laptop, IP Office Mobile Worker (available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition) keeps them readily accessible. Wherever they’re working – with clients, between stores/locations, down the hall, in the warehouse, or on the road – Mobile Worker turns any phone (cell or home phone, for instance) into an extension of their office phone, with many of the call handling features available in the office.
Staff give out just one phone number – their office

number – and calls ring simultaneously on any other designated phone, making it easy for customers, colleagues and vendors to reach them wherever they are.



One number access – Provide customers and others with just your office phone number – and have all calls ring simultaneously on any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls when out of the office or away from your desk. Key call handling features – such as transfer, conference, forward and hold – are available, even on a mobile or home phone.

Roam the office/warehouse – With an Avaya wireless IP phone (purchased separately), staff can roam throughout the building or campus and stay completely accessible, as though at their desk.

Easy access to messages – All messages – voicemail, email, faxes – appear in a single inbox on the PC for fast, efficient message retrieval. Hear and reply to email messages over the phone – no need for a laptop or smartphone.



  • Enhanced customer service – Mobile sales and service staff stay connected and responsive to customers regardless of where they are.
  • Increased productivity – Access to people, messages and information help mobile employees deliver whether in or out of the office.
  • Increased customer knowledge – All calls that go through IP Office can be tracked and monitored to capture data on customer interactions.
  • Reduced costs – Calls that are routed through IP Office take advantage of business calling plans, which can significantly reduce overall calling costs.