We have grown steadily in a technology-based industry and that is a result of our dedication to innovative leadership. Our true strength is our ability to evolve, adapt, and find new areas of growth potential; we stand on the cutting edge of technological development and we are looking for people whose passion and innovation will keep us at the top of our game!


As a company we value always being R.E.D.I. for our customers — Reliable, Experts, Dedicated, and Innovative. Our promise is to ensure that all our stakeholders experience clever telecom, so our employees are empowered to deliver an outstanding customer experience every step of the way – and in doing so, encouraged to take risks and push their personal boundaries for success.

We encourage and support skills and knowledge training, certifications, innovative thinking, a desire to problem solve creatively, and to take initiative. We foster a culture of openness, where we constantly seek feedback and ideas from our staff on how and where to improve.

So if you think you are R.E.D.I. to be a part of the Digitcom team, please connect with us.

Digitcom is honoured to be included in Mediacorp & Eluta’s Career Directory as a winner in the Best Employers for recent Graduates in 2017! Check out our profile here.