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Conference Bridge

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Conference Bridge

A conference bridge connects large numbers of people participating in conference calls. The bridge is a server that acts like a telephone and can answer many calls at the same time. The bridge has other software-based capabilities so that it can do more than just connect callers. For instance, callers might be instructed to enter a special code to connect to the call. Sometimes businesses have their own conference bridge or use a service that provides teleconference hosting.

Conference calls are an important component of any business. Finding the right company to provide you with a conference bridge is a greater challenge. The audio conferencing services you will get from us will allow you access to a full range of audio teleconferencing services. We tailor our service offerings to accommodate your conferencing needs so that you get the most from your conference experience.

Your conference bridge will connect you with contacts around the globe. You can put together an online meeting and invite participants to join your call without the assistance of an operator. In addition, you can conduct a reservation less audio conference calls and web conferences at 24/7 with our unlimited conferencing call product, Conference Anytime.