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Benefits of Working at Digitcom

Do more of what you love. At Digitcom, we take great pride in recruiting talented people to be a part of our high-performing and diverse team. Our incredible team is the backbone to our success, which is why we support and encourage professional and personal growth every step of the way.

Team Digitcom
Team Digitcom

We offer competitive compensation, health and well-being benefits and insurance programs.  

We offer time away from work, vacation, flexible work options, performance rewards, and recognition programs. 

To support your physical well-being, we provide comprehensive medical and dental benefits, along with tools and resources to best help meet the needs of you and your family. 

How We Support Our Employees

Digitcom Employee Benefits

Gender Equality

We are committed to providing equal compensation and opportunities to every individual. 

Team Digitcom

Safe Workplace ​

We are committed to making our employees feel safe at work whether they are working from home or in the office. Employees are encouraged to speak openly about their feelings, opinions, concerns, or suggestions without having any fear. We promote free speech and believe that listening to employee feedback helps us become stronger together.  

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We understand the importance of providing adequate training for every employee. It’s critical to the business and each employee’s success that everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and receives proper training and is provided with the right tools to feel 100% confident in doing their job.  

Team Digitcom

Personal Development

Our career enhancement program helps you define your career aspirations, development a plan, and achieve your professional goals.  

Team Digitcom

Vacation and Mental Health Breaks

In addition to paid vacation, we also offer other types of leave to help employees cope with stress, family challenges, or other personal struggles that may require time off.  

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