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Bring the Teams experience to your boardroom, conference room, or huddle room!

Solution For Everything Your Boardroom, Conference Room, Or Huddle Room Could Possibly Need

For Every Work Experience, There Is A Teams Device


All-In-One Solution

Access Teams meetings across devices wherever you go: at home, in the office, or on the go.


Enterprise-grade security, and privacy

Rely on advanced security, compliance, and management capabilities in Office 365.


Appelez de n'importe où

From 43” displays to multiple 95” displays, Teams meets any business requirement for immersive collaboration.

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Solutions audio visuelles

En standardisant nos solutions de salles de réunion, nous pouvons déployer plus rapidement, offrir une meilleure assistance et, en fin de compte, réduire vos coûts.

During the Meeting

Découvrez Microsoft Teams Voice

Le routage direct de Digitcom pour Microsoft Teams permet de réaliser des appels internes et externes, intégrés à Office 365 via Microsoft Teams. 

Centre de contact cloud

Les solutions de centre de contact cloud de Digitcom offrent un système avancé de gestion de centre d'appels avec plus de fonctionnalités que les centres de contact traditionnels basés sur du matériel, à une fraction du coût. 


Questions et réponses les plus fréquentes

A Microsoft Teams room is a meeting room that encorprates hardware solutions that enhance the video conferencing capabilities of the room.

Microsoft Teams Rooms devices provide a superior audio video experience. Users can place and recieve calls from Microsoft Teams with a single click of the easy to use control panel. Most importantly everyone in the room can here everybody on the call and vice versa.

Crestron, Logitech, Yealink and a few others have there own take on a teams room platform but they all acomplish these key points.  

One of the most overlook advantages of a Teams room is you can connect to the video display via Microsoft Teams. 

No more worrying about finding the right connector cable you can just sign in to the room and start sharing. If you prefer to plug in that’s also possible via the HDMI input. 

On account of the economy of scale built from the popularity of  microsoft teams room they’ve become very cost competitive.

Specific prices vary considerably based on the type of the size of the room and the devices used. 



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