What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX Delivers

All The Benefits Of On-Premise

While Operating In The Cloud

HostedPBX is your office phone system … in the cloud. It means there is no need to invest in your own on-premise phone system hardware. Unlike a traditional phone system, where you own the phone and phone system, in a HostedPBX environment there’s no need to invest in the expensive hardware and software associated with the phone system. We do the hard work, you simply own the phones.

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Industry-best calling rates, web-based management, corporate PBX features, total flexibility, all backed up by Digitcom’s exceptional customer service.

We Manage Our Own Data Centre

We Don’t Resell. We Own.

Digitcom maintains and owns its own Hosted PBX. Our Data Centre at 151 Front Street is solely maintained and controlled by Digitcom.

Digitcom has been selling Hosted PBX and SIP trunks from our completely redundant data center at 151 Front Street since mid 2012, and we have enabled hosted PBX and SIP for many hundreds of customers. We have been selling PRI lines since 2010, and can deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

Hosted PBX Solution Features

There are lots of hosted PBX service providers from which you can choose. What sets us apart is our extensive VoIP experience with over 20 years in the business.

Connect Multiple Offices

Users in multiple offices? Our Hosted PBX Solution provides you with shared resources such as auto attendants, call centres, and desk to desk dialing across the world.

HD Quality Voice

Wideband Audio. The clearest available calls.

ACD Call Centre

Automatic Call Distributor is the superior call centre system: Customizable greetings, call queuing, real time stats, and the ability to run historical reports.

Automated Attendant

Your Automated Attendant answers calls, takes messages, and even transfers to extensions. That means more time for you to focus on the big stuff.

Mobile Twinning

Mobile Twinning allows incoming calls to ring both your work and cell phones. Choose to answer on one device, and feel free to switch to the other mid call.

Voicemail to Email

All voicemails go straight into your e-mail. No more fumbling with the phone’s navigation system.

Toronto Digital Ad Agency Dramatically Improves Reliability and Call Quality with Digitcom’s Hosted PBX.

“Our lean IT staff is focused on our client solutions/ technologies … Communications is not their expertise.”

– Director of DevOps & Networking

Some of the nation’s leading brands rely on this major Toronto-based digital advertising agency to reach customers online, driving rapid growth at this agency. The agency now employs more than 250 people across multiple offices and remote locations.

Given such growth, the Director of DevOps and Networking, and his team work relentlessly to keep the company ready for what’s next. As they planned for the future, they knew their aging communications solution had to go. “Our physical telephony system was centralized in Toronto,” he said. “We’d had the system for a while, so the concern was, ‘What if it fails?’ We wanted to decentralize it so that an outage wouldn’t impact the entire company.”

They also wanted to get away from the hassle of managing hardware. “Our lean IT staff is focused on our client solutions/ technologies,” the Director added. “Communications is not their expertise.”

Those objectives led them to a cloud-based model. With Digitcom Hosted PBX, they would break the dependence on one location and eliminate physical hardware—while expanding mobility and scalability. Support from Digitcom clinched the deal. “We were happy to learn that Digitcom works alongside us and takes on most of the operational support,” he said. “It made it a much easier decision.”

Project Outcomes

Value created by Digitcom’s Hosted PBX solution

  • Peace of mind with a decentralized, cloud-based communications system
  • Scalability, mobility and flexibility for users
  • Reduced cost by eliminating separate conferencing and by paying only for needed lines
  • Less management hassle
  • Call quality that improved with VoIP

Hearing from Happy Users

As team members move among their offices, homes or client sites, they have the choice of desk phones, soft phones or their mobile devices—keeping them continuously connected.

“When people are not in the office, they should be just as mobile and productive; because everything ran out of Toronto before, it wasn’t the best connectivity. Now, it’s seamless wherever people go.”

Typically, the director’s team only hears from users when there’s a problem. Not so with conferencing with IP Office, which has elicited positive comments.

VoIP Calling with HD Quality

When considering VoIP communications, the Director was worried about call quality. Even with a hardwired connection, they had to buy dedicated internet links to maintain quality. But with the upgrade, the agency noticed clearer sound. “Digitcom Hosted PBX’s call quality is actually better,” he said. “It’s very quiet—no static, no echo, even in the New York office, where all the phones run over Wi-Fi. It’s a true HD voice experience.”

“One of our users rarely has compliments for technology,” he added, “but she told me she thought the audio quality was ‘amazing.’”

With no hardware to troubleshoot, the Director and the team also gained back time to focus on the client-facing technologies that help increase brand awareness and generate sales for clients.

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