i2050 soft phone

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Nortel Phone

IP Softphone 2050

VoIP Business Phone System

The IP Softphone 2050 transforms your PC into a full featured platform for voice, data, and video communications. It’s designed for use as a primary or supplemental desktop telephone, or a telecommuting device. Users simply load the software and plug a Nortel approved headset or handset into the USB Audio Adapter port to start communicating.

  • Commonly used features such as call origination, call termination, mute, volume and message waiting indication are accessible to users via the IP Softphone 2050 and the USB audio adapter
  • Traditional telephony features such as Conference and Transfer make the IP Softphone 2050 suitable for everyday business
  • Fixed keys include copy, quit, up, down, left, right navigation keys, mute, up and down volume keys, answer, goodbye, information key, directory, inbox, outbox, services, quick dials, redial list, callers list and local directory
  • Operational from windows status bar or using keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)
  • Four programmable interactive soft keys
  • Up to 12 (for call servers that offer shift key support) programmable keys for direct access to lines, features, and/or autodials
  • Three slide out feature trays (programmable lines/features only, numbers (dialpad) only or combination with both)
  • Macro functions for programming lengthy dialling patterns boosts personal productivity
  • Powerful directory capabilities: local (stored on the PC itself) or linked to external directory (LDAP, Outlook, and Symantec ACT are supported)
  • TAPI compliance for operation with other telephony applications such as Microsoft Outlook and ACT
  • User selectable ringer that allows the PC speakers, USB headset or Nortel Networks handset to ring for incoming calls
  • Local generation of call alerting, call progress and dialpad tones saving LAN/WAN bandwidth
  • Supports static (VPN) and dynamic (DHCP) IP addressing for maximum flexibility in administration
  • Voice Activity Detection and Silence Suppression support reduces unnecessary traffic across the WAN
  • Online help with full index search capabilities
  • USB audio kit with telephony optimised sound card ensures superior audio quality
  • Maximises the use of a Windows based application
  • Centralises business applications at the desktop
  • Boosts personal productivity by supporting access to local or external directories
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls in call log
  • Provides one click direct dialling from various windows and applications, immediate answers to user questions through online help and superior audio performance through advanced technology and standards
  • Appeals to a broad range of user environments due to multiple audio interfaces
  • Eliminates the need for a traditional voice line, using a single Internet connection for both voice and data connection
  • PC based software phone that can act as a primary desktop phone, supplementary phone or telecommuter phone
  • Customer selectable audio interface options, including support for various 3rd party headsets as well as a Nortel handset