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Avaya IP 2004

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Avaya IP Phone 2004

Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004

A VoIP phone uses voice over IP (VoIP) technologies allowing telephone calls to be made over an IP network such as the Internet instead of the ordinary system. Calls can traverse the Internet, or a private IP network such as that of a company.


Business Phone Set

The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004 delivers traditional business communications in a network controlled by a Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Succession 1000, Succession 1000M or Multimedia Communications Server 5100. The IP Phone 2004 is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes.

Avaya/Nortel IP  Phones 

The Nortel IP Phone 2004 is a professional-level desktop IP Phone, which is ideally suited for managers, knowledge workers and administrative staff. The IP Phone 2004 supports up to twelve user-defined line/programmable feature keys and comes standard with a large monochrome display which can support converged (voice and data) applications presentation in textual format, high-quality audio speakerphone, an integrated IEEE 10/100 Ethernet switch, context-sensitive soft keys and leverages a robust suite of business communication features as delivered by Nortel Communication Servers such as Business Communications Manager, Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 2100, Multimedia Communications Server 5100 and Meridian 1.



  • Up to twelve user-defined line/programmable feature keys*
  • Integrated 8 line x 24 character monochrome display
  • Supports text-based converged (voice and data) application presentation as delivered by External Application Servers such as the
  • Nortel Application Gateway 2000
  • Fourteen fixed keys and four context-sensitive soft-label keys
  • Integrated IEEE 10/100 switch with both LAN and PC ports
  • Secured communications with standards-based support of signaling, media path and network authentication
  • Simplified administration and network discovery with 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Supports optional IP Phone 2000 Series Key Expansion Module
  • Supports Unicode for complex font and character presentation on the phone display
  • Field upgradeable firmware via Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) or UNIStim File Transfer Protocol**
  • English-text and Icon Keycap models
  • Charcoal color with Silver Metallic Bezel finish

* IP Phone 2004 supports six user-defined line/programmable feature keys across Nortel Communication Servers and up to twelve user-defined line/programmable feature keys on Nortel Communication Servers supporting the “shift” function