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Avaya Norstar

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Avaya Norstar

The Avaya Norstar business telephone system offers all of the features small and medium businesses in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) need in an expandable package.

The Avaya Norstar system is one of the most popular phone systems in the world and for good reasons: durability, reliability and ease of use. Avaya has 2 Norstar systems: the Avaya Norstar MICS and Avaya Norstar CICS systems were introduced in 1995.

The Norstar Modular ICS (MICS) is capable of expanding to up to approx. 200 extensions (on the newest Release 7 software), and the Norstar CICS (Compact) Norstar ICS (sometimes called the Norstar CICS) is capable of expanding to up to 24 extensions maximum.

The Norstar MICS supports digital PRI lines, the Norstar CICS supports analog (Caller ID) style lines only. Both the Norstar MICS and Norstar CICS business phone systems work with the entire line of Avaya Norstar phones – this includes the Norstar M7100, Norstar M7208, Norstar M7310, and Norstar M7324, and of course the newer Avaya Norstar T series phone sets – this includes the Norstar T7100, Norstar T7208, Norstar T7316, and the Norstar T7316e.

  • Speaker-phone on all telephones (one way only on the T7100)
  • LCD Displays on all telephones with Date and Time
  • Easy to read feature keys and line appearances
  • Simple headset operation
  • Flawless Call Pilot 100/150
  • Voice Mail Systems with web based administration!
  • Call Center Operation / ACD Caller ID capable (on both the CICS and the MICS)
  • Automatic Set Relocation (on the CICS and MICS)
  • A variety of CTI applications and peripherals (on both the CICS and MICS)
  • PCMCIA Software upgradeable (on both the CICS and MICS)
  • Handle your voice and fax messaging (MICS)


VOIP peripherals available (through the use of the VoIP Gateway for CICS, MICS, and 8X24)

Already an Avaya Norstar user? Call Digitcom Canada for your moves and changes, repairs and maintenance. We have been working with the Avaya Norstar 8X24, CICS, and MICS since the beginning and can help make the Norstar work for your business.