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Blue Coat PacketShaper

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Blue Coat | PacketShaper

Blue Coat PacketShaper delivers integrated visibility, control and compression capabilities in a single appliance. With PacketShaper, IT can identify all the applications on the network and monitor response times and utilization at the application level. In addition, IT can optimize application performance by using granular quality of service (QoS) controls to regulate traffic and increase WAN capacity through application-specific compression techniques. Designed as a scalable, flexible platform, PacketShaper can be easily configured for additional functionality with a flexible range of appliances that can be enhanced by software modules or hardware components.


• Monitoring Module. Discover and monitor more than 600 applications with deep Layer 7 deep packet inspection for an accurate picture of network traffic. Standard on all PacketShaper models.

• Shaping Module. Guarantee bandwidth for key latency-sensitive business applications while controlling recreational and malicious applications using flexible policy-based control.

• Compression Module. Increase WAN capacity while improving application performance with the PacketShaper’s application intelligent Compression Module.

• Blue Coat PolicyCenter Software. Manage multi-unit PacketShaper deployments with comprehensive control, centralized configuration management, software distribution and Adaptive Response using PolicyCenter.

• Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter Software. Simplify enterprise-wide performance management with centralized monitoring, network forensics and insight into network applications and their performance using IntelligenceCenter.

• Hardware Extensions. Extend PacketShaper across the enterprise, meeting the demands of complex corporate topologies and unique deployment criteria with hardware extensions.

Monitoring Module

Application-Intelligent Traffic Classification

Monitor 600+ applications with Layer 7 Plus visibility for an accurate picture of network traffic. PacketShaper’s Monitoring Module provides deep insight into application traffic, making it easy to identify and measure all traffic types – mission-critical, recreational and miscellaneous. Track, troubleshoot and manage all networked application environments.

• Deep Packet Inspection – Classify more than 600 applications on your network with Layer 7 Plus technology, which automatically identifies applications and allows you to separate business from recreational applications.

• Monitor Utilization and Performance – Audit utilization and performance by links, users or applications, such as business critical, recreational and unsanctioned traffic types.

• Track Application Response Time – Track application response times, isolate performance issues and identify server- or network-related issues without agents.

• Monitor Service-Level Agreements – Monitor service-level agreements (SLAs) for critical applications or links.

• Diagnose and Troubleshoot Application Issues – Access performance diagnostics including connection profiling and server responses (TCP Health), network efficiency, traffic captures, traffic forensic history and more.

• Monitor Hierarchical Frameworks – Break down traffic to a granular level with visibility into peak and average utilization rates, bytes, availability, utilization, top talkers/listeners, and much more.

Shaping Module

Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service (QoS)


Provide powerful and flexible policy-based control.

Shape traffic, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and provide latency-sensitive, business-critical applications with the bandwidth they need to perform at their peak using flexible policy-based control.

With easy to set parameters such as priority, minimum and maximum bandwidth and per-session guarantees, PacketShaper ensures QoS for business-critical applications.

• Assure Critical Application Performance – Ensure business-critical applications have the resources they need to operate effectively over the WAN and Internet.

• Prioritize Applications and Provision Sessions – Prioritize more important applications over less important ones using PacketShaper’s application-intelligent QoS technologies. Also, provision per call or per session bandwidth for critical applications.

• Allocate Bandwidth for Remote Sites with Inbound QoS – With patented TCP rate control, PacketShaper determines the sending rates of computers at the far end of the network delivering bi-directional QoS.

• Minimize Network Congestion – Minimize network congestion, queuing latency and inefficiencies that hurt application response times between remote locations.

• Cap/Block Recreational Applications – Set the maximum bandwidth these applications are allowed on the network.

• Mark Traffic – Mark packets with prescribed DiffServ, IPTOS/Precedence, MPLS tags, VLANs and others.

• Suppress DDoS, Virus and Worm Propagation – Enhance the security of your network and application infrastructure by finding and stopping infected PCs and tracking every flow through the network.

Compression Module

Quickly increase WAN capacity, improving application performance and user response times with Blue Coat’s application intelligent Compression Module. Reduce bandwidth usage and minimize WAN latency using the optimal compression algorithm for each application, while ensuring that added capacity from virtual bandwidth goes to the highest priority applications.

• Increase WAN Capacity – Increase WAN capacity over the same physical links with application-specific compression that utilizes high efficiency, low-latency algorithms, packet packing, MTU management and header compression.

• Improve Application Performance – Improve application performance and responsiveness by getting more critical traffic through constrained WAN links.

• Provide Application-Intelligent Selective Compression – Automatically and intelligently select what traffic to compress and which technology to provide maximum optimization.

• Auto-configure with Active Tunnel – Sets up tunnels between devices and maintain reliability of compression exchanges without any manual configuration.

Centralized Monitoring and Reporting

Deploy and manage multiple units with PolicyCenter for centralized management and IntelligenceCenter for centralized reporting.

High Availability

Automatic hardware bypass, Direct Standby mode and access link monitoring prevent traffic blocks from occurring in the event of failure and provide automatic adjustment of policies when a backup link is activated and active adjustment of traffic rates based on link congestion.

Flexible Deployment

Simple deployment that operates as an in-line bridge, transparent to routers, switches and the application infrastructure. Support for multiple LAN and switched environments with LAN Expansion Modules (LEM) available for connecting multiple LANs or switch ports to a single appliance, including DMZ configurations. See the best practices Deployment Guide for details.