Mediatrix 1102 2 port FXS Gateway

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Mediatrix 1102 2 Port FXS Gateway

Key Features:

  • IP connectivity for analog phones and faxes
  • IP connectivity for legacy PBX and Key Systems
  • PSTN-quality voice over IP networks
  • Deployable in SIP, H.323 or MGCP/NCS VoIP networks
  • Auto configurable, remotely manageable and upgradeable
  • Interoperable with equipment from leading industry vendors
  • Fax over IP support, including T.38
  • Multiple codec support
  • Ideal desktop solution
  • Additional Ethernet port for PC or LAN connection
  • Ideal for SOHO, residential, IP Centrex or hosted applications

The Mediatrix® 1102 is a VoIP access device equipped with two FXS ports and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports. It can connect analog phones or fax machines and legacy PBX and Key Systems to an IP telephony network. Its second Ethernet port connects a PC or a LAN to a wide area network. The Mediatrix 1102 serves as an ideal CPE platform for integration with an existing IP telephony architecture deployed by service providers, carriers or system integrators.

Protecting Investment

The Mediatrix 1102 can be deployed as a desktop installation to protect customer investment in existing analog devices phones/faxes) – one of the most expensive parts of a network. The Mediatrix 1102 connects up to two phones and/or faxes to an enterprise or carrier-based VoIP network through a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port.

For enterprise, residential and SOHO end-users, the Mediatrix 1102 provides a simple, transparent and cost-effective migration to an IP-based telephony infrastructure without the need to discard existing analog devices. Additionally, by providing IP connectivity to analog CO trunk ports of a PBX, or analog CO line ports of a Key System, the Mediatrix 1102 IP-enables legacy telephone systems and makes IP telephony applications available.


For service providers, carriers and system integrators, the Mediatrix 1102 creates additional revenue-generating opportunities by immediately bringing existing enterprise, residential and SOHO users online to new high-value IP telephony services. Quite simply, the Mediatrix 1102 is an ideal, cost-effective solution for bringing VoIP to the desktop, connecting SOHOs to an existing enterprise IP telephony network and for connecting residential users to a carrier’s or service provider’s IP telephony offering.

The Mediatrix 1102 makes use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network. In addition to interfacing with legacy telephone systems, the Mediatrix 1102 also interfaces with IP-based telephone systems by connecting analog phones and fax machines to an IP-PBX or IP-Key System. Plus, the Mediatrix 1102 offers full integration with the Mediatrix IP Communication Server to create an end-to-end converged enterprise solution.