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Nortel Mobile Voice Client 2050

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Nortel Norstar
Mobile Voice Client 2050

VoIP Business Phone System

Mobile Voice Client 2050 extends 802.11b WLAN IP Telephony to mobile workers using Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC PDAs including the Dell Axim X50v, Axim X5 Advanced, X3 and X3i, Hewlett Packard iPAQ 555x and Toshiba e75x and e80x series models. Voice and data communications are secure for external to campus employees with support for IPSec VPN tunnelling with Nortel Communication Servers delivering support of up to 650 telephony features

Features & Benefits

  • Provides access to commonly used features such as call origination, goodbye, mute, volume and message waiting indication, plus hundreds more for feature parity to other Nortel IP Phones and Software Phones
  • Up to twelve programmable keys for direct access to lines/features and autodials (available to Communication Servers that support the shift key function)
  • Thirteen fixed keys which include hold, answer/originate, goodbye, mute, volume up, volume down, directory, services, messages, shift, expand, copy and quit
  • Four programmable interactive soft label keys
  • Macro function for programming lengthy dialling patterns, access to voicemail/integrated voice response systems which boosts personal productivity
  • Global IP Sounds (GIPS) software from NetEQ as standard supporting packet loss concealment up to 30% in high packet loss environments
  • Local generation of call alerting, call progress and dialpad tones which saves on LAN/WAN bandwidth
  • Ability to synchronize Microsoft Outlook contact lists with the PC using ActiveSync or beam to another PDA
  • Static and Dynamic IP Addressing (DHCP) for maximum flexibility in administration
  • Customized online help for Mobile Voice Client 2050 with full index search capabilities
  • Pocket PC based software phone which can act as a primary or supplementary phone for within campus mobile employees, casual telecommuters or frequently travelling workers
  • Centralizes business applications access over an 802.11 WiFi connection eliminating the need for standalone voice and data devices
  • Delivers instantaneous access to traditional telephony features such as transfer, conference, call forward and more via soft label keys
  • Provides single touch direct dialling from various windows and applications
  • Reduces enterprise user training costs with feature operation consistency to Nortel IP Softphone 2050 features and digital phones interfaces
  • Boosts personal productivity with simple and efficient dialling of user contacts from Mobile Voice Client 2050
  • Provides enhanced audio performance through advanced technology such as GIPS packet loss concealment
  • Streamlines set up and preferences access for travelling workers to other corporate campuses with multiple profile support
  • Customer choice in headset and headphone options (use of headset or headphone varies by type of PDA)
  • Delivers immediate answers to Mobile Voice Client 2050 features with online help
  • Enables multiple appearance of a user’s personal extension for maximum flexibility in access to voice communications services