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NEC DT330 Digital Handset

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NEC DT330 Digital Handset

NEC offer two ranges of DT telephone terminals. The DT700 series (IP) offers the latest in IP technology, while the DT300 series (digital) provides the perfect balance between form and function.

The NEC DT range are modular in design giving you the ability to quickly and easily customise terminals to meet an employee’s specific needs while supporting the needs of a growing business and protecting your financial investment.

Both series are sleek and ergonomic built for style and comfort with an intuitive interface that can be personalised to meet your needs.

DT300 series (digital)

DT330 and DT310 offer you:
• Bluetooth interface for peripheral equipment (mobile phones, PDAs, head-sets or conference units)
• Programmable line keys for immediate line / feature access or speed dialling
• Full duplex speaker for superior hands free communications (DT330).

DT700 series (IP)

DT710, DT730 and DT750 offer you:
• XML open interface allows virtually any application to be delivered to your phone
• Wideband CODEC for superior speech quality
• Built-in VPN (IP-Sec) support allows employees to work virtually anywhere, in or outside your organization.