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Oaksi Evolve real-time monitoring

Act Fast • evolve wallboard
Are there too many customers waiting in a queue? Are staff receiving or making enough calls? Who is performing well, and who needs to catch up? View all of this information and more via the evolve wallboard on your desktop or tablet.

Listen • evolve call recording
Listen to call recordings directly from the reports. Useful for managing disputes, training, and compliance. All calls are encrypted, and meet regulatory compliance e.g. PCI, FCA, HIPAA etc., and don’t take up any phone system voicemail ports. You can even do screen recording.

Interact and control • control queues and agent status
View incoming callers by name. Grab calls, or actively allocate them to other agents/hunt groups. Control agent status. Make sure you don’t lose a call again!

Connect • evolve chat interface
Users can communicate via the chat interface assisting in quick decision making and issue resolution.

Analyze Performance • evolve easy-to-use reports
Easy-to-use reports enable qualified decision making for your phone system strategy. Identify your busy hours, lost calls, and call patterns. Review calls made in to, out of, and within the organization. Benefit from full cradle-to-grave analysis.