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The Revolabs Executive HD Wireless Microphone System

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Revolabs Executive HD™ 4 or 8 Channel Wireless Microphone System

The Revolabs Executive HD™ Wireless Microphone System:

A breakthrough in audio performance for wireless microphones intended for speech applications!

The new Executive HD Wireless Microphone System provides the sound fidelity of wired microphones with the added appeal of a versatile wireless set-up. CD quality 50Hz-20kHz frequency response is a key reason for the improved audio performance. With an optimized speech codec, the new rack mountable Revolabs system handles live sound, voice reinforcement and wideband video- or audio- conferencing applications superbly.


The introduction of the Executive HD System is the latest example of Revolabs drive to deliver state-of-the-art wireless audio products. The audio quality of the HD Wireless Microphones is on par with wired microphones and they are ideal for almost any application.

AV specialists and systems integrators will love the ease of installation of the Executive HD System due to the LCD display and the HD System Software. The Windows®-based HD Control Panel software allows the AV/IT specialist to access control setting and real-time status of all of the Revolabs HD Systems on a connected network from a single PC software program with graphical user interface. The Executive HD System configuration settings can all be monitored and modified via the HD Control Panel, as well as the type, versions and mute and battery status of the HD Wireless Microphones.

The new HD Gold Control Panel includes enhanced functionality for both the professional audio market and the installed audio/visual market. The ability to control the mute status and gain of each microphone, and lock out presenters from using the mute button are all features that make it easy for the AV technician to orchestrate a successful presentation. Easier integration with the leading control systems, e.g. AMX and Crestron, is welcomed by audio technicians who design large AV installations. The HD Gold Control Panel also provides the ability to closely monitor the real-time state of each microphone, including whether the HD Wireless Microphone has been taken out of range, as a theft deterrent.

The firmware of the HD Systems and each HD Wireless Microphone can be upgraded through the HD Control Panel software. Purchasing the Gold or Silver Service Plan guarantees that you will receive the latest and greatest software enhancements free-of-charge. Compare the additional functionality of the HD Gold Control Panel with the original.

NOTE : All Revolabs HD Systems and Microphones MUST be on the same firmware version.

The Executive HD Wireless System is available in 4 and 8 channel models. In the US, four Executive HD Systems can be linked together to support up to 32 HD Wireless Microphones in High Definition Mode. Five Executive HD Systems can be linked together to support up to 40 microphones in Maximum Density Mode, albeit without two-way audio. The HD System also has a reduced power mode which allows more Executive HD Systems to be used in a given area.

All Revolabs wireless microphones use 128-bit encryption, so no one can listen in. Rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of talk time after each full charge. The Executive HD Systems can use any combination of the HD Wireless Microphones – Wearable, Tabletop Omni-directional, Tabletop Directional or XLR Adapter for Handheld microphone or the Adapter for the Countryman microphone.