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Revolabs Wireless Microphone System

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Business Phone Systems

Revolabs Fusion™ 4 or 8 Wireless Microphone System

Great audio, wireless mobility, and simple to install

Simply plug the cable into the AV system or phone system and it works. No software configuration is necessary. Even the Fusion box is designed to be easy to use– vertically or horizontally. No equipment rack needed! Just set the Fusion system on the console! Compatible with all phone systems, but some systems may require an ATA (analog telephone adapter). Please check with your phone system provider.


The Revolabs Fusion Systems come in a 4-channel and an 8-channel system to match the needs of any AV conference room.

Just plug the Fusion in and enjoy great wireless audio!

Video Conferencing

Revolabs Fusion Wireless Microphone Solution includes all of the necessary cables to plug into any of the major video-conferencing solutions, including Lifesize, Polycom, Sony and Tandberg. It includes a remote control to control the sound volume in your conference room or in the conference room at the far end. Decide on where you want to put the Fusion system, whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally, plug in the cables and you are ready to have great wireless audio in any conference room!

Looks good on a console!

Audio Conferencing

Plug the Fusion Wireless Microphone Solution into a telephone line and you are on your way to great wireless audio. Use the remote control dialer or the new Tabletop Dialer to dial the conference phone number and set up the optional powered speakers to hear the call.

Each microphone uses its own secure communication channel to maximize quality, security and control. There are two ways to mute the microphones: individual mute control button on each microphone, and by using the remote control. The Fusion Systems are not expandable, so they are limited to four or eight Solo Wireless Microphones, respectively.




No wires to trip over in your conference room! Great sound and natural mobility!


The Solo Systems all include a Charger Base and your choice of any combination of Solo Wireless Microphones – Wearable, Tabletop Boundary or XLR Adapter for Handheld microphone. The Fusion 4 Wireless Microphone System comes with your choice of microphone types, or with three Omni-directional Tabletop and one wearable Wireless Microphones. The Fusion 8-Wireless Microphone System comes with your choice of microphone types, or with six Omni-directional Tabletop and two wearable Wireless Microphones.


The Solo Wireless Microphone has a rechargeable battery that provides eight hours of talk time after each full charge.The Microphone charges when it is in the Charger Base that ships with each system, or by using the various charger Accessories. Revolabs Wireless Microphones recharge to 85% capacity in approximately 45 minutes.


All of Revolabs Wireless Microphones use 128-bit encryption, so that no one can listen into your conversations. This is critical for HIPAA-compliance, if you are a physician and using speech recognition software to record patient notes, and for companies using audio/video-conferencing to discuss confidential information.


Choose from the many variations of the Solo Executive Wireless Microphone Systems to best meet all of your needs. The Solo Executive Systems range from a Single Channel System with one Solo Wireless Microphone to two Solo Executive 8-channel Systems with 16 Solo Wireless Microphones in the Americas. (Internationally, three Solo Executive 8-channel Systems can be linked for 24 Solo Wireless Microphones)


Solo Single Channel System and Fusion systems are all plug-and-play devices that plug into any audio/video- conferencing station, and are usable immediately.