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Avaya Voice Mail Pro Server Requirements

Avaya One-X Server Requirements

Avaya IP Office Virtual Server Support

Operation of IP Office server applications, including Voicemail Pro, is supported using the following virtual servers. · VMWare Server. · Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2. · Microsoft Server Hyper-V.

Avaya IP Office Network Requirements

The computer should be configured and tested for TCP/IP networking.

The Voicemail Pro server computer must be connected to the IP Office Control Unit directly or through a LAN switch.

If directly connected, changing the settings of the computer network card to match the IP Office control unit can resolve
some issues. This should be done according to the computer or network card manufacturer’s instructions. The options for
IP Office LAN ports are: · Al IP Office LAN ports are 10Mbps/100Mbps auto sensing.

If not directly connected, using any of the above settings must be supported and matched by the intervening network
equipment. · The computer must have a static IP address. · If the IP Office is acting as a DHCP server, it defaults to using to for DHCP clients.

This leaves to for devices that require fixed IP addresses.