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Resetting a mailbox password in Avaya IP Office


Discusses removing or changing a voicemail passwsord for an existing mailbox.

Step by Step Guide


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Click on start ->All Programs -> IP Office -> Manager.

When manager open, it’ll display a list of all available IP Offices on the network, choose the IP Office that you want to make a change to, the login username is “Administrator” and the password is “Administrator”. Once you are in the configuration, follow the steps below:

  •  Click on “Users”
  • Choose the user who has locked himself out of his voicemail box
  • Choose their “Voicemail Tab”
  • The “Voicemail Code” dialog box is their voicemail password, Clear the content in the “Voicemail code” box. Click on “Ok”. Note: This changes their voicemail password to nothing. By changing it to nothing, it forces the user to reset their voicemail password upon their next login. If you change it to another value, the voicemail system might not prompt them to reset their voicemail password.
  • Click on the floppy disk icon to save, in the dialog box pop up, click on “Merge”. The username and password is “Administrator”, click “Ok” to proceed.

You’ve now reset the password; the user’s password is nothing. When the user goes to login his voicemail box, he’ll just press “#”, and the voicemail will force him to reset his password.

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