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Button review on the NEC 12 and 24 button phone


This video demonstrates the basic screen and button layouts on NEC phones.


Step by Step Guide

Buttons and their features on NEC phones:

1. This is the layout for the NEC 12-button phone.

2. Under display, you will have a time stamp at top of the phone, your extension number in the middle, and the soft keys at the bottom of the phone.

3. You have the corresponding buttons that activate each soft key with the black buttons, and here you have your 12 programmable feature buttons, which can be used for speed dialling system features within the phone.

4. You have your dial pad, your flash, transfer, mute, and do-not-disturb buttons; your Clear and Back buttons, a Speakerphone, and a Hold button.

5. You also have a wheel button, which will activate different features depending on what mode the phone is in.