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Avaya IP Office 500 UCM, C110 Module for Voice Mail Pro

Unified Communications Module
This module is supported for IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack and higher. The module is an embedded server that allows Linux based IP Office applications to be run within the IP Office control unit rather than requiring a separate PC.
Voicemail Pro and or one-X Portal for IP Office applications. The module is only supported by systems running IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition or IP Office Advanced Edition modes.
IP Office Users: Up to 200 users when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. More than 200 users whenrunning just Voicemail Pro.
Simultaneous one-X Portal for IP Office Users: 50.
Maximum voicemail ports:Up to 20 ports when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. Up to 40 ports when running just Voicemail Pro.
Small Community Network: Maximum 6 systems.
The presence of this module acts as an automatic Preferred Edition license for the IP Office system, enabling 4 ports of voicemail. Additional voicemail ports can be licensed up to a maximum of 20. A separate
Essential Edition license is still required as a pre-requisite.
· IP500 Control Unit:
· IP500 V2 Control Unit: IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack or higher.

Maximum per Control Unit: 1 per control unit.Backup Voicemail Server

An additional sever, with the Voicemail Pro application can be specified as the backup server for the centralized server. If for any reason the voicemail application on the centralized server is stopped or disabled, the centralized IP Office will switch to using the backup voicemail server for its voicemail functions. During normal operation the centralized and backup voicemail servers automatically exchange information about mailboxes and voicemail service configuration. The backup voicemail server uses the licenses provided by the centralized IP Office. A distributed server cannot also be used as a backup server and vice versa.

Backup and RestoreThese controls allow you to backup and restore the application settings being used selected IP Office applications.

Voicemail Pro ServerFor the Voicemail Pro server, these controls can only be used to restore an existing backup. Using the Voicemail Pro client, the voicemail server can be configured to perform regular (daily, weekly and or monthly) automatic backups of selected options including messages and prompts. The Voicemail Pro client can also be used to perform an immediate backup. When the Restore button is selected, the backups available in the backup folder (/opt/vmpro/Backup/Scheduled) are listed. The backup name includes the date and time and whether the backup was a manual or scheduled backup. When the required backup is selected, clicking OK will start the restoration process. For details refer to the Voicemail Pro client help.

The Voicemail Pro client’s backup and restore functions cannot currently be used to move voicemail data between a Linux based server and a Windows based server or vice versa. The client functions for importing and exporting module and the call flow database can be used.

Transferring Voicemail Server SettingsIf the Unified Communications Module is replacing an existing voicemail server, a backup of all the settings, prompts and messages from that server can be transferred to the new server. If the existing server is a Linux based server, SSH file transfer is used to retrieve the backup files from the server. Otherwise, if Windows based, a direct folder copy on the server can be used.

For the Unified Communications Module, once a backup of the old server has been obtained, it can be loaded onto the Unified Communications Module from a USB2 memory device. Otherwise, if the backup is too large for the USB2 memory device, SSH file transfer can be used.